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Crystal Methamphetamine is a stimulant that is manufactured synthetically .It can be manufactured easily using over- the -counter products such as drain cleaner and ephedrine. It goes by various street names such as meth, ice, crank , and tina.

Use of meth gives the user an almost instant addiction unlike other drugs. It is a psycho stimulant that is known to increase the levels of some important neurotransmitters including serotonin no addiction, dopamine , and nor epinephrine. The high resulting from use of meth is almost instantaneous leading to elimination of fatigue, euphoria, increased speech and sexual appetite, sense of increased personal power , and motor movement(tweaking) . The effects of meth can last for several hours or even a number of days , depending on the quantity of drug ingested.

Meth can be smoked, injected , snorted , or even inserted through the anus .


Effects Of Meth

Use of meth has the following effects :

-It causes lack of sleep for hours or even days.

-It leads to Decreased appetite or total lack of appetite .

-Causes significant dehydration

-Causes Serious health consequences including tachycardia, hyperthermia , convulsions, hypertension, cardiorespiratory diseases, and death.

Symptoms of meth abuse

-Dramatic weight loss,

-Social dysfunction including loss of family, money, job, friends , and schizophrenic characteristics.

-Very poor dentition including broken teeth, oral wasting, and severe gum infections.

Meth And Sex

According to a study which was published in the journal of substance abuse Treatment, use of meth results in increased sexual appetite leading to users having multiple sex partners .They do not usually use condoms and this exposes them to dangerous STIs , including aids. Users say that the drug heightens their sexual appetite and this in turn makes them obsessed with sex. A large number indicated that sex was so closely tied to their drug use that they are unable to separate the two.

Meth also enhances the sexual experience as well as delaying orgasms, leading to sexual marathons.

Why People take Meth

Typical users of meth tend to be low income earners and white no addiction. It is taken because users want to work more hours and lose weight. Heterosexual males and females use it to enhance their sexual experience.

Withdrawal Symptoms And Effects

When meth wears off, the user is left feeling depressed , irritable and fatigued . After heavy use , a good number of people become paranoid and psychotic and they may become unable to experience pleasure, a condition known as ‘anhedonia’. This condition makes them crave the drug more.


Treatment for meth addiction is usually observational and mainly focuses on symptomatic relief. Long term treatment usually involves interventions such as peer support ,harm- reducing counseling , rehabilitation and detoxification , and the twelve –step support.

Meth addiction is one of the major health care problems today.Doctors and other health care providers need to become familiar with this disease how to treat it. This Is A Free Classifieds Ad Blog.

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